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Commercial Interior Design Services

Laxmi Narayan Interior has vast experience working with architects whether it be our architects or the client’s architects for commercial spaces. We ensure that all projects are tailored to the individual needs of each client creating amazing one-off spaces that the clients will love to work in and their clients will love to visit. Our team are the best interior designers and offer a range of services such as commercial, nightclub and hotel interior designs services in Kolkata

Laxmi Narayan Interior can create design masterpieces whether it be with layouts, lighting, joinery design or just decorating the space incorporating the client’s desires and needs. Laxmi Narayan Interior can design the whole project or individual areas within the space.

Laxmi Narayan Interior specializes in:
Any type of showroom interior design
boutique hotel design work
bars/pubs/nightclub interior design
office space & commercial interior design services

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